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Carole Zucker

Carole Zucker

Carole has a wealth of experience and knowledge of theatre and film. She received her MA and PhD from New York University, in Cinema Studies, and since 1978 has since taught film studies at Concordia film studies at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, where she developed the first course in North America on film acting.

She has published three books, including a book of interviews, FIGURES OF LIGHT (Plenum/Da Capo, 1995), with an outstanding list of American film actors and directors, including Tommy Lee Jones, Richard Dreyfuss, John Lithgow, Sydney Pollack, Bob Rafelson, Christine Lahti and John Sayles.

Her other two books are MAKING VISIBLE THE INVISIBLE: AN ANTHOLOGY OF ORIGINAL ESSAYS ON FILM ACTING (Scarecrow, 1990), and THE IDEA OF THE IMAGE: JOSEF VON STERNBERG’S DIETRICH FILMS (Associated University Presses, 1988). Zucker has written for journals and anthologies in North America and Great Britain, and has also lectured at international conferences on many subjects, including performance.

Dr Zucker’s book IN THE COMPANY OF ACTORS: REFLECTIONS ON THE CRAFT OF ACTING, is a further tour de force with the cream of the UK acting profession in dialogue with her. English language volume rights sold to A & C Black, who published autumn 1999, with Routledge in the USA in January 2000. Serial rights were sold to The Times and Translation Rights are available via RCL.

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