Champagne Girl

Marana Rose had never met her father.

He divorced her mother when Marana was a baby. When her mother went on a long holiday, it seemed the obvious opportunity to seek him out.

From the first, Adam Holbrook was opposed to the idea. He warned her that Michael Rose would eventually destroy her as he destroyed everyone near to him. Marana could not believe Adam’s warnings; as soon as she met her father he welcomed her and showered her with presents.

But as time went on she became aware that there were flaws in the image she had built up of him. Did Adam always have to be right?

Will Marana Rose be able to settle old family rifts and still be the champagne girl of her dreams?

Champagne Girl is a fizzling romantic novel that will have you hooked.

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Author: Audrie Manley-Tucker
Publisher: Endeavour Media

Champagne Girl