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In Daniel Blythe’s science fiction epic, Exiles, Bethany Kane escapes the catastrophic failure of the colony ship on which she was born and makes landfall in an escape pod on a windswept world known as The Edge.

She is light years from civilisation in more ways than one. Battered and shaken, she soon finds she is not alone.

A teenaged group find her and take her back to where they live and work in some semblance of society. They call it Town. It sits on a converted scientific base in the shadow of a crashed spaceship. Beth struggles to adjust to her new life, beset by fears but desperate to learn new skills and earn the respect of the others, in particular the leader Zach, and the resentful Mia.

When a terrible, violent event shatters the colony’s existence, fragile ties and loyalties are breached. Is every one of them clinging to a secret?

And just how isolated are they really?

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Author: Daniel Blythe
Publisher: Fantastic Books Publishing
ISBN: 978-1912053049