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Your Life, Your Story

Writing Your Life Story For Family and Friends

Your life is a unique story, with meaning and value.

In every life there is a story worth telling, fashioned by all the experiences you have lived through – moments both happy and sad, of triumph and challenge, and changing times in the world around you.

Your Life, Your Story is a practical and creative guide to setting down your own personal narrative. You may write your life story to gain perspective and insight, or simply to share with family, friends and future generations. It can even be an extraordinary journey in its own right.

Author Cherry Gilchrist guides you through the entire process, helping you to:
• unlock and express your memories
• explore and describe your life-changing experiences
• develop a structure and a chronology for your story
• bring truth and authenticity to your narrative

Your Life, Your Story is packed with exercises, examples and techniques, and will serve as your own personal toolkit, providing you with advice and help at every stage.

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Author: Cherry Gilchrist
Publisher: Endeavour Media

Your Life, Your Story