We receive a huge number of submissions each year. As an independent, hands-on agency, there is a limit to the number of authors we can offer to represent and, consequently, we need to be very selective about the new clients we add to our List.

We do not handle Short Stories, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Poetry or original scripts for Theatre, Television and Film.

Regretfully, however, at the present time we are unable to accept unsolicited submissions but as a general rule of thumb, if you would like an agent or publisher to consider your work, you should ensure that the undernoted items are included with any approach:

  • An introductory letter
  • A synopsis
  • The first two or three (consecutive) chapters of the manuscript.

If you have submitted your material to any publishers, an agent will also need a note of which houses have seen it and what their reactions were.

We are unable to respond by ordinary mail or to return material unless sufficient postage has been provided.

Writers who submit work are advised to keep a copy of the material themselves. We cannot be held responsible for material that may be lost or damaged in transit or otherwise.

We cannot undertake to offer critical feedback unless we decide to represent you. However, for authors seeking a more detailed response to their work, there are companies which offer such services on a fee-paying basis.
Notable among these, being:

Other useful publications include: