Soke Kevin Pell

Kyoshi Black belt 7th Dan is the founder of Ishin Ryu Ju-Jitsu – a worldwide organisation with currently over 5,500 students. A full-time international instructor, Kevin has now been training for over 35 years. He has been featured on the cover of both Combat and Martial Arts Plus magazine and was inaugurated into the prestigious Combat Black Belt Hall of Fame last year. In his extensive military career, Kevin has served with the Royal Marine Reserve and the Royal Military Police. In 1996, he was personally invited to join the elite Close Protection Service, a team drawn from Britain’s Special Forces and responsible for the personal security of heads of state within the United Arab Emirates. Kevin also runs SAS Survival School weekends and is a specialist in tactical and defensive knife training.

His custom-built Dojo headquarters in Caston, Norfolk, is fast becoming recognised as an international centre for the practice of Ju-Jitsu. The first international conference was held this year and attracted over 100 delegates.

He is one of the few senior coaches in Great Britain to be honoured to carry the title ‘Soke’ (head of the ‘family’ or ‘style.’)

His first book was packaged by Eddison-Sadd, and also sold in America. All rights with Welbeck.

He has also just signed a contract with Hachette North for 2 picture books – the first will feature a very hungry dragon called Bernardo.

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