International Literary Representation

The agency’s founder, F. Rupert Crew, prided himself on offering authors a highly personal service. This tradition is carried on today by the current director, Caroline Montgomery.

Of necessity, our clientele is limited in number but that’s not to suggest a limitation in subject matter!

Our brief extends on the non-fiction side from Craft to Cookery, Biography, Memoir, Health, Mind Body & Spirit, Travel, History, Natural History, True Crime and Pop Culture.

On the fiction front special areas of interest include Commercial Women’s Fiction, Crime, Thrillers, Literary (not experimental) and Young Adult novels and Children’s Books.

Recent Publications

Wayfarer: Love, Loss and Life on Britain’s Ancient Paths

On an assignment to walk the most famous pilgrimage in the world – the Camino de Santiago, in northern Spain – Phoebe Smith somehow lost her way.

The Theatre Mystery

In this book, go back in time to join Tommy as he reveals a secret. It is 1613 and the Globe Theatre has burned down!

Feeling Blah!

Does life feel dull? A bit grey? This is anhedonia – a word only a few of us have heard of but one that explains why so many of us feel we are sleepwalking through life.


Climate catastrophe leaves the people of Earth fighting for oxygen in this gripping dystopian thriller from bestselling sci-fi author Alastair Chisholm.

Bird Boy

After the tragic death of his mother, eleven year old Will is sent to temporarily stay with his uncle in the mountains.

Featured Authors

Phoebe Smith

Phoebe is an award-winning travel writer, photographer, presenter and broadcaster (specialising in adventure, walking, solo travel, gear and wildlife conservation).


Catherine studied English at Oxford then worked for some years as a teacher at St Paul’s Girls School in London before accidentally becoming a journalist.

Tanith Carey

Tanith writes books which aim to set out achievable strategies for how to tackle the most pressing challenges faced by today’s parents.

Alastair Chisholm

Alastair describes himself as a children’s writer, puzzle creator and computer geek.