International Literary Representation

The agency’s founder, F. Rupert Crew, prided himself on offering authors a highly personal service. This tradition is carried on today by the current director, Caroline Montgomery.

Of necessity, our clientele is limited in number but that’s not to suggest a limitation in subject matter!

Our brief extends on the non-fiction side from Craft to Cookery, Biography, Memoir, Health, Mind Body & Spirit, Travel, History, Natural History, True Crime and Pop Culture.

On the fiction front special areas of interest include Commercial Women’s Fiction, Crime, Thrillers, Literary (not experimental) and Young Adult novels and Children’s Books.

Recent Publications

Season of the Witch

A fascinating social history, Season of the Witch tells the tale of an enduring counter-culture, one that steadfastly refuses to give up the ghost.

Teddy Boys

With their draped suits, suede creepers and immaculately greased hair, the Teddy Boys defined a new era…

From Me, To You

The bitter-sweet story told through Alison’s letters and Brian’s journal entries.

Space Pirate Bears

In the darkest depths of outer space, Princess Leona’s STAR DEFENDERS protect the galaxy from danger!

No Law No Pity

Amid their pain and turmoil, two damaged women find the strength to fight back…mothers who will stop at nothing to protect their children from a monster

Featured Authors


Cathi is a novelist, writer and editor who lives and works in London

Max Décharné

A writer and musician. He was born in Oxfordshire, grew up in Portsmouth and now lives in London.

Brian Greenley

After being diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2010, Brian left his job at Price Waterhouse to focus on his treatment.

Alison Hitchcock

Alison had no idea how much she loved writing until she began to write letters to a friend diagnosed with cancer.

Alastair Chisholm

Alastair describes himself as a children’s writer, puzzle creator and computer geek.

Linda Falco

Returning to England and the theatre, supervising and designing for shows from Shakespeare to Pantomime and loving every minute.