Feeling Blah?

HOW much do you enjoy your life?

Does life feel dull? A bit grey?

Do you feel as if your emotions have flatlined?

This is anhedonia – a word only a few of us have heard of but one that explains why so many of us feel we are sleepwalking through life.

Anhedonia is from the Greek word for ‘without pleasure’ and describes a loss of interest in activities you once enjoyed. It explains why many of us spend our lives in a fog, feeling neither happy nor sad, just not very much at all.

In the first book to tackle this missing piece in mental health, writer Tanith Carey joins the dots on how convenience culture, stressful lifestyles, modern diets and both female and male hormonal changes can dial down our ability to feel excitement and joy.

With the help of world-leading experts and by digging into the latest research, Tanith shows you how your brain’s dopamine reward system works and provides strategies to help you bring colour back into your life.

Groundbreaking, accessible and often surprising, this is the book that will teach you how to kickstart your feel-good chemicals and start loving life again.

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