Louise Emma Clarke

Louise is the British writer behind the award-winning blog MUM OF BOYS & MABEL, which she started from her sofa, (probably dressed in her pyjamas) shortly after the birth of her second baby.

She first discovered a love of writing at Tunbridge Wells Girls Grammar School, before graduating from University of Southampton in 2002 with a degree in English (definitely not dressed in her pyjamas).

Her career in magazines began in Camden Town, London that very same summer, when she landed the position of Editorial Assistant at Take a Break Magazine – and over the next six years, she worked at That’s Life Magazine, Best Magazine, Full House, Woman’s Weekly, and the Daily Express. Making the decision to go freelance in 2008 (now living with her boyfriend and their boxer dog puppy in a pretty garden flat in Blackheath), she decided to launch her very own website, which became an online magazine about beauty. It may not have set the world on fire, but it definitely wasn’t a flop – and it was during this time that she learnt all there was to know about domain names, keywords, and social media followers.

It wasn’t all good though, as the boyfriend suddenly announced he’d been offered a job in Dubai and flew off into the sunset – but the love story wasn’t over, with Louise following after a pretty December wedding in the snow.

Fast-forward to 2018 – and Louise, her husband Charlie, and their three children; Stanley), Wilfred and Mabel are now back in the UK. It was after her second baby, that she felt inspired to write about her experience of motherhood, quickly building a tribe of followers who appreciated her spilling out her heart (or admitting she’d just put her kettle in the fridge after making the third coffee of the morning).

When Louise isn’t blogging, vlogging, writing books, or contributing to publications across the UAE (including Gulf News, Friday Magazine, Sassy Mama Dubai, and Time Out), she is mainly picking up Cheerios from the rug, playing referee between two boys intent on rugby tackling each other, or being woken up at 4.45am by her baby girl. And that’s the bit she likes the most (honest).

Rights in her debut novel, FROM MUM, WITH LOVE, were snapped up by Aria who published in February 2019 and the sequel MUM’S BIG BREAK was published in 2020.