Mary Stanley

Born in London and is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin. She has lived and worked in Italy, Germany, Malta and England and now resides in Dublin with her dog, George.

She is the author of the novels RETREAT (2001), MISSING (2002), REVENGE (2003), SEARCHING FOR HOME (2005), and THE LOST GARDEN (2006).

She has two novellas in the celebrated prize-winning Open Door Series, An Angel at my Back (2008) and Bruno Peanut and Me (due 2009).

She has short stories published in the Anthologies, Moments and Party Animal.

Her novels have been translated into Danish, Turkish, Dutch, Serbian and German, and Missing is on the curriculum in the University of Karlsruhe in Germany.

Mary is also a journalist whose work regularly appears in various newspapers. She is a frequent guest on radio talk shows and also reads her own work on radio as well as for audio books.

Her most recent novels include THE UMBRELLA TREE and the HIJACKING OF CASSIE PETERS both of which are published by New Island.