Patience Strong

Whose prose-poems have been an inspiration to her readers from the publication of her first poem in the Daily Mirror in 1935, died in August 1990, but her work and the help and support it gives, lives on.

Her poems continue to appear on greeting cards and calendars from the Findel and Hallmark UK Groups, and from time to time, new collections of her verses are published in book form. In Spring 1991, Muller issued the first in a new series of collected poems, under the heading THE PATIENCE STRONG TREASURY, subtitled, TAPESTRIES OF TIME.

A further volume, YESTERDAYS AND TOMORROWS, appeared in the Spring of 1992, followed by other compilations. Muller also published her autobiography, WITH A POEM IN MY POCKET, and other titles, including THE PATIENCE STRONG OMNIBUS. Her poems have appeared regularly in the quarterly journal, This England, and in Grace Magazine: the publishers of the latter have also reissued early collections of her poems.

My Weekly republished Patience Strong’s Poems, weekly, for a number of months under the heading The Quiet Corner during 1997, a title synonymous with her work. A Patience Strong poem was proposed for inclusion in the BBC’s National Poetry Week (October 1997).

Carousel (ex-Jarrolds) are currently publishing Patience Strong calendars and calendars are also available via the catalogue company, Express Gifts, who also offer Christmas Cards, in their catalogue and website.

On September 3rd 2007, Peggy Reynolds presented a Radio 4 tribute to Patience Strong, entitled Thinking in Rhymes.

February 2011 saw a new avenue for presenting Patience Strong’s poems, when Joanna Sheen launched a first CD of a collection of her work, on The Shopping Channel. A beautiful production! Enthusiastically received! In 2012, a second collection, illustrated by flower paintings by Jayne Netley Mayhew, was successfully promoted by Joanna.