Many years have passed since the dramatic events of Pride and Prejudice. In The Cousins of Pemberley series we follow a new generation of heroines – cousins with lives as different and interesting as those enjoyed by their mothers.

Cassandra: The Cousins of Pemberley: Book 1

Cassandra – The Cousins of Pemberley Book 1

Cassandra Wickham, daughter of a flirt and a scoundrel, an innocent abroad in a world where money can buy you anything, even a bride.

When danger threatens and the man she thought she could rely on fails her, there is only one place she can turn to
for help – Pemberley.

Surely the Darcy’s will protect her, no matter what happened in the past to divide the two families?

Catherine: The Cousins of Pemberley: Book 2

Catherine – The Cousins of Pemberley Book 2

Catherine Collins, a very ordinary young woman – plain, quiet, often over-looked but possessing a reputation for having great common-sense.
Or so her distant cousin Elizabeth Darcy believes and so recommends her as governess for little Matilda Courtney.

Catherine travels to Northumberland, full of good intentions to do her best and be a credit to the family.

But appearances and reputations can be deceptive – Robert and Martin Courtney will soon learn exactly what type of girl Elizabeth has sent them.

Miriam: The Cousins of Pemberley: Book 3

Miriam – The Cousins of Pemberley Book 3

Mary Bennet – overlooked, laughed at, despised – married a missionary and vanished into a life of service out in Africa. But now Miriam, her daughter, is coming to England, disliking everything she has been told about her family.

Her aunts and cousins are expecting someone quiet, dull and bookish, just like her mother, not the quick-tempered, impulsive girl who arrives.

How can this adventurous girl with her desire for freedom possibly fit into their well ordered world? And what havoc will she cause as she tries?

Jane: The Cousins of Pemberley: Book 4

Jane – The Cousins of Pemberley Book 4

The Darcys have always worried about their daughter Jane.

Gentle and delicate, she has been cosseted and protected from the world.

But all the Darcy wealth and power cannot save Jane from heartbreak and betrayal.

Can she find a courage no one believes she has?

Can she break free from the golden cage that imprisons her?

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