Second Skin

The moon was being devoured.


Eighteen-year-old Lady Aledra Jewel-Wing is Drakkoni – a race of shape-shifting dragons who brutally conquered the Esran lands. They are fiercely protective of their pure bloodlines.

Aledra’s father is the powerful Lord Commander Artor Jewel-Wing. She was told her mother is dead, but really she was banished for being part-Esran.

Aledra is raised on a remote farmstead, keeping her away from the prying eyes of the Drakkoni court. She is mentored to control her secondskin, which is where her dragon form hides.

Your firstskin is what you allow the world to see and your secondskin is the true expression of your soul.

When war breaks out between the Drakkoni and the Esrans, Aledra is imprisoned and learns the truth about her mother.

She escapes from prison and meets Jubal, an Esran whose family were slaughtered by Drakkoni warriors.

Aledra conceals her heritage and against all odds they fall in love.

Will their love turn to ashes if he finds out who she really is?

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