Sue Tompkins

Practising Homoeopath and Astrologer. Consultant, teacher and writer of astrology for over twenty years, she lectures widely at home and abroad. Founder of London School of Astrology.

Fellow of the Faculty of Astrological Studies and author of the best-selling, ASPECTS IN ASTROLOGY originally published by Element Books and re-launched by Rider in August 2001. US rights have since sold to Inner Traditions International.

SUE TOMPKINS’ CONTEMPORARY ASTROLOGY is published by Flare Publications.

Her professional qualifications include: BA (Hons) Psychology/History of Ideas; D.F.Astrol.S; Cert. Counselling, Southwark College; LCH – College of Homoeopathy. Post-graduate course in Homoeopathy with Jeremy Sherr.

Awards: Hon.R.C.Astrol.S – honorary qualification in Astrological Counselling; Fellowship of Faculty of Astrological Studies.

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