The Rose Bowl

A spellbinding historical saga that follows a talented horticulturalist through the devastation of two world wars and into the swinging sixties.

Constable Country, 1913.

Hopeless romantic Thaddeus Noggin is destined to join the other villagers of Marling Hamlet in a life of service at the Big House.

One day, Thaddeus carries a bowl of roses to the house and encounters Lady Isobel. The roses only elevate her otherworldly beauty, and soon she and the roses are synonymous in Thaddeus’s mind. He is bewitched.

But Lady Isobel’s feelings for Thaddeus are completely maternal. And the lord of the house thinks the help should be seen and not heard.

Then World War One arrives and Thaddeus’s life is thrown into turmoil. He finds peace tending to his beloved roses and begins to make a name for himself.

Hope blossoms on the horizon. Until tragedy strikes again and the course of Thaddeus’s life is forever changed . . .

Set among the willows and water meadows of Suffolk, this historical tale tells the story of perseverance and finding the courage to love unreservedly.

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