No Ballet Shoes In Syria selected for the 2020 Read for Empathy Collection

I’m incredibly proud to share the news that No Ballet Shoes In Syria by Catherine Bruton has been selected as one of the books in EmpathyLab‘s 2020 Empathy Day Collection! The collection provides teachers with a resource for educating children and young people about empathy, with themes covering family dynamics, relationships, and emotional intelligence, amongst others.

Founded in 2017, Empathy Day aims to drive a new empathy movement around the world – and each year the organisation selects books to enhance empathy skills. This year’s Empathy Day will take place on 11 June, with schools, libraries, young people’s organisations, publishers, and booksellers joining forces to emphasise the importance of empathy and the empathy-building power of books. By reading, we can learn to better understand each other and the world we live in.

No Ballet Shoes In Syria, is a beautifully-detailed, captivating story about an eleven-year-old Syrian refugee, seeking a new home in Britain. With an important message championing the rights of refugees, filled with such warmth, hope, and humanity, this is a fantastic selection for the collection.

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