Confessions of a Helicopter Mummy

Fun-loving, intelligent, sexy journalist and single mum… seeks companionship (ideally), love (possibly), sex (definitely maybe!); laughter (compulsory)… with like-minded, clever, cute middle-aged single man (no ‘still-married-but-my-wife-doesn’t-get-me’s need apply) Ideally based in the SW…

Parenting journalist Anni is 46 and mum to teenage daughter, Cassie.

It’s two years since her philandering first (and only) love Joel walked out taking the last of her self-confidence with him and she has remained resolutely single ever since.

Her friends decide it’s high time she was back in the dating game; they set up a Tinder profile to encourage her to venture out of her slippers and into her Louboutins.

But Anni is woefully unprepared for the virtual world of romance, and trying to learn the protocols of social media might just be a Bitmoji too far…

Swipe right for the most sparkling romantic comedy of the year!

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