Russell Razzaque

Dr Razzaque trained as a psychiatrist, and is now a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. Additionally, he trained in psychotherapy and, in 1998 gained a worldwide reputation for becoming the first psychiatrist to offer a counselling service over the Internet. A great deal of coverage was achieved for the service in the national and international media and served as good experience for his subsequent media appearances. Currently he works as a Consultant in Acute Psychiatry, spending most of his working life in East London, and recently working with charitable and community organisations, establishing counselling, leisure, outreach and recreation projects for young Muslims, locally.

Dr Razzaque has been a writer since University and in recent years began writing screenplays. Having written and directed six short films, he wrote his first feature film – Halal Harry – about a white Londoner who falls in love with a Muslim woman and, in order to win her parents’ approval, tries to convert to Islam.

In the wake of the London bombings, he has written articles on the issue for The Independent, with which he has an ongoing relationship, and also appeared on radio and TV.

He published a timely book, with Icon Books, (February, 2008) entitled HUMAN BEING TO HUMAN BOMB – THE CONVEYOR BELT TO TERROR, the first work that combines coverage of the suicide bombings in Madrid and London and the parallels between the events and their perpetrators.

Moreover, no books have been written from the psychological perspective and Dr Razzaque’s position and background provides him with a unique understanding of the subject. He experienced theocratic Islam himself for the first time as a student at The Royal London Hospital Medical College and saw what this can do to otherwise promising young men – how it can suck away their life’s potential.

He became determined, early on, to comprehend this phenomenon – a study he commenced several years before September 11th 2001.