The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness is making its presence felt and now that the Olympic fever is abating what is there to keep the reading public amused?

Well, we think there’s plenty on offer and are delighted to present a selection of titles which are certain to take your mind off the nights drawing in and the weather turning colder.

First up is Cecil Beaton’s utterly stunning THEATRE OF WAR. Published to accompany the exhibition at the Imperial War Museum, this beautiful volume covers Beaton’s work for the Ministry of Information during the years of the Second World War during which he documented the Bombing of London, the Battlefields of North Africa, the Burma campaign and other war zones across the globe. The images are accompanied by extracts from his diaries making this an incomparable document of the passing age.

Publisher: Jonathan Cape
ISBN: 978 0 224 09630 0


Max Décharné’s CAPITAL CRIMES: Seven Centuries of London Life and Murder is guaranteed to grip anyone who is interested in London’s grisly past. Telling the shifting tale of crime and punishment in London through vivid re-creations of a series of murders that stretches from the killing of Roger Legatt during the Peasants’ Revolt through to the hanging of Styllou Christofi in 1954.

This compelling narrative is illustrated throughout with contemporary engravings and photographs.

Publisher: Random House Books
ISBN: 978 1 847 94590 7


And while we are on the subject of detection, FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGY FOR DUMMIES recently made its appearance. Written by Professor David Canter, Director of the International Centre for Investigative Psychology, this fascinating guide gives a clear understanding of what makes criminal minds tick, going beyond the media myths and sensationalism to clue you in on what forensic psychologists really do. Using real –life cases from around the world, Professor Canter shows just how forensic psychologist work and what an important contribution they make to the criminal justice system.

Publisher: Wiley
ISBN: 978 1 119 97624 0


Have you ever wanted to know more about the food we eat, the land it is grown and reared on and those who farm it? If so, BEHIND THE HEDGE by Nicola de Pulford and John Hitchins is the book for you.

This easy-to follow, richly illustrated guide will help you identify everything behind those hedges. Never again will you mistake a field of wheat for one of Barley or an Aberdeen Angus cow for a Hereford. A handy volume to carry with you on your journeys through the British countryside – we’re sure it will keep the children entertained, too!

Publisher: Sigma Leisure
ISBN: 978 185058 919 8


For those of a romantic turn of mind, June Francis’ latest historical romance, MAN BEHIND THE FAÇADE is sure to appeal. Philip Hurst is a renowned travelling player with a dangerous sideline career in political intrigue. No one understands better just how many masks people wear. But the effort it takes to school his reactions when he comes face to face with the beautiful and fiery widow, Becky Clifton tests even his theatrical expertise…

Publisher: Mills & Boon
ISBN: 978 0 263 89267 3



THE HIJACKING OF CASSIE PETERS by Mary Stanley, features the Peters sisters who, abandoned by their mother at a young age, manage to forge a new family and a new beginning in life with their devoted father. But when the youngest of the sisters decides it is time to track down their long-lost mother, a sequence of events begins that will change all their lives forever. This poignant story of love, tragedy and hope, set between Ireland and Europe in the 1970s and 80s, comes from the pen of a master storyteller.

Publisher: New Island
ISBN: 978 1 84840 124 2


Backlist Bites

Echo Freer’s highly popular Magenta Orange series is now available on Kindle.







A new edition of STRAIGHT FROM THE FRIDGE, DAD by Max Décharné containing thousands of examples of hipster slang drawn from pulp novels, classic noir and exploitation films, blues, country and rock’n’roll lyrics and other related sources from the 1920s to the 1960s, will be published by No Exit Press in November. The perfect Christmas gift for all hipsters, B-girls, weedheads, moochers, shroud-tailors, bandrats, top studs, gassers, snowbirds, trigger-men, grifters and long gone.





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