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July has arrived bringing strawberries, cream teas, Wimbledon and occasional bursts of blazing sunshine but what is there for the book worms among us?

News-CU-WithoutTheMoonIt was back to the forties, to celebrate the launch of Cathi Unsworth’s latest novel, Without the Moon [ISBN 978 18466 8986 4], published by Serpent’s Tail (you can see some great photos of the event on Fenris’ website – Without the Moon).

London during the long, dark days of the Blitz: a city outwardly in ruins, weakened by exhaustion and rationing. But behind the blackout, the old way of life continues. In the music halls, pubs and cafes, soldiers mix with petty crooks, stage magicians with lonely widows, scandal hungry reporters with good-time girls – and DCI Edward Greenaway keeps a careful eye on everyone.

Out on the streets, something nasty is stirring. Women are being murdered, their bodies left mutilated to taunt the police. And in the shadows, Greenaway’s old adversaries in organised crime are active again, lured by rich pickings on the black market.

As he follows a bloody trail through backstreets and boudoirs, Greenaway must use all his skill – and everything he knows about the city’s underworld to stop the slaughter.

It’s Marcel Berlin/The Times’ Book of the Month.

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For younger readers, Rising Star [ISBN 978 14052 6879 0] marks the second book in Cate Shearwater’s Somersaults and Dreams series published by Egmont.

Ellie Trengilly is now moving closer to achieving her dream of qualifying for the British Gymnastics Championships. But with her two best friends growing distant and a new star joining the squad, she is finding it hard to stand out.

Will all Ellie’s hard work be enough or can she find that extra special something to make her performance shine?


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Backlist Bites

News-EF-ToxicTreacleEcho Freer’s dystopian thriller for teens, Toxic Treacle [ISBN 978 17853 8202 4], is reissued in a revised and updated edition by Acorn Books.





News-JF-DaughtersChoiceEbury Publishing is reissuing June Francis’ backlist commencing with A Mother’s Duty (originally Kitty and her Boys) [ISBN 978 00919 5637 0] and A Daughter’s Choice (originally Somebody’s Girl) [ISBN 978 00919 5638 7].





Magna Large Print is also releasing two titles in Large Print and Audio, originally published by AUK imprints Acorn Books and Oaktree Press respectively. The first is Jeff Dowson’s Closing the Distance

Closing The Distance, by Jeff Dowson
Read by David Thorpe [ISBN: 978 08571 4960 2]
Large Print (Hard Cover) – 400 Pages [ISBN: 978 07505 4085 8]


News-BK-D-FoulTrade-MagnaThe second is BK Duncan’s Foul Trade – a contender for the current People’s Book Prize.
Foul Trade. by B.K. Duncan

Read by Annie Aldington [ISBN: 978 08571 4963 3]
Large Print (Hard Cover) – 464 Pages [ISBN: 978 07505 4082 7]




We also have Mike Jay’s book The Unfortunate Colonel Despard [ASIN: B 012A Q6CN 0], published by Endeavour Press and available on Kindle


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